In Episode Five, I interviewed Ross Ross has a master’s degree from the Ohio State University in special education and is a Certified International Behaviour Analyst. He is currently teaching abroad in Sydney, Australia. Ross and I catch up and talk about the importance of leading by empowerment, partnering with teachers, organizing community, listening to experts and placing value on being an adult learner. Ross also shares personal anecdotes of his nephew who has Dandy Walker syndrome. If you’re like Ross, and are a budding leader in education, you will enjoy this interview.


Have you ever thought about teaching abroad?  Or maybe you are stateside, but teach in a culture that is not your own? Ross, a certified International Behaviour Analyst (IBA), tells his story and his journey of how he ended up in Sydney, Australia.  He humbly shares how he strives to be a life-long learner and a leader in a foreign country. Ross talks about his current professional goals, which leads me to share a little bit about my own mindfulness practices and self-care routines. Ross also gets personal and teaches me about a disability that has deeply affected his family: Dandy Walker Syndrome. Ross knows no strangers and if you want to  connect, you can email him here: ross.leighner@gmail.com

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