In Episode 8, I interview Dr. Ralph Gardner. Dr. Gardner was my advisor in my doctoral program at Ohio State. His calming presence and everlasting encouragement saw me through to graduation and beyond. I asked Dr. Gardner to tell us about the Field based Reading Clinic that he started with the Special Education program at Ohio State, that is still running today, even after his retirement. He shares with us some compelling statistics on the impact the clinic had on both the young elementary age students it served as well as the teachers in training who tutored in the clinic as part of their teacher preparation program. We talk about the connection between social/emotional health and literacy skills and the importance that 1:1 interaction, continuous assessment, and systematic lesson plans have on emerging and reluctant readers. Dr. Gardner is a Board Member of Mindful Literacy Columbus and it is following in his footsteps that I hope to open a clinic in our city center of Columbus, Ohio.


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