In Episode 11, I sat down with my Linguistics Teacher, Gina Cooke. My friend Peg invited me to an etymology conference in April 2019 in Dayton Ohio. If you don’t know what the word “etymology” means. Don’t worry. I didn’t at the time either. It was there that this Lumierre shined light on many of the dark patches that were my understanding of our Language system. I went back home, rewrote my professional learning plan, and I have been taking online classes from her ever since. Learning from Gina has challenged me to question existing research and practices and professional development. Applying the knowledge I learn from her classes into my own teaching practice has not once failed me nor failed a single one of my many students. When we have questions about “why”, we now know how to really discover the answers. Gina is direct, quick, hilarious, and most of all, honest about the science of linguistics, language, teaching kids who are dyslexic, and truly helping dyslexic students, teachers and parents, build accurate understanding of our written language. The process of unlearning prescriptions and then truly learning our writing system is eloquent, rigorous, and most of all, liberating. Put down your ego and your cute syllable division posters. Open your mind and then seriously? Sign up for a class with Gina.


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