Structured Literacy Tutoring

(prek-12); in person and virtual

Mindful Literacy tutors are dyslexia, dysgraphia, and ADHD specialists. 

We use direct, systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory approaches. 

We are among the top experts in the field in teaching foundational reading skills (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension).

We specialize in morphology, spelling, and writing. 

We instill and reinforce a love of reading, spelling, and writing in our students.

We use methods rooted in science-based reading research, such as “Orton-Gillingham” based approaches.

We lead the field by artfully weaving several other evidence-based methodologies together (e.g. the science of Linguists and Structured Word Inquiry) in order to perpetuate curiosity and mastery of written English.

We often see massive progress in our students’ data after 12 sessions. 

We grow with our students and commonly stay with them for many years.

We help catch kids up from “below benchmark” to “benchmark” or “above benchmark.”

We bridge the gap while students are waiting to be identified with special education needs. 

We supplement the interventions done by school-based teams and coordinate our interventions with your child’s teachers. 

We are the sole provider of literacy interventions for many children with or without IEPs. 

We are Jon Peterson Scholarship and Autism Scholarship providers.

Book a Clarity call today so that we can start to understand your child’s individual needs and come up with a plan to get them started with the support they need and deserve. 

Collective Credentials:

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioner and Educator, Associates

Academic Language Therapy Association, Certified Academic Language Practitioners

IMSE with the Orton Gillingham Multisensory Approach to Reading

Licensed Intervention Specialists

Reading Specialist Certifications

Literacy Specialist Certifications

Ohio’s Dyslexia Certificate with a focus on multi-sensory approaches

Master’s degrees in Literacy

Ph.D.’s in literacy and special education

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When my daughter finished Kindergarten, she was “below benchmark” in all aspects of reading. She worked with Naomi for 16 sessions over the summer and when her 1st grade teacher tested her at the beginning of the year, she was “on track” or “above average” in all aspects of reading. 


Our son has loved working on English Language Arts with Cassidy! She is patient and encouraging. He is willing to work hard on the writing exercises she assigns because she is positive and keeps him in his challenge zone. Our family is so grateful for the progress our son is now making in writing! We are so grateful for your company and for Cassidy!