SLP/OT Services

Bobbi Colatruglio, SLP

Bobbi Colatruglio is an SLP who specializes in children who are D/deaf and hard of hearing. She has almost two decades of expereince in both public education and hospital settings.

Serving a child with a neurodivergent brain involves addressing multiple facets of their development. Not only can academic, executive functioning, and social-emotional tutoring be beneficial, but many of our students also thrive with additional support in speech-language (articulation, expressive, receptive, pragmatic) and/or occupational (visual, spatial, fine-motor) therapies. These therapies are designed to address specific challenges and enhance overall growth and learning. 

If your child could benefit from SLP and/or OT services, 

we invite you to book a clarity call today to discuss how we can support their unique needs.