Episode Notes

Constance Borro is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mastery Portfolio, LLC, a seed-stage educational technology company with a mission to reimagine grading and reporting in a way that motivates and supports- rather than ranks and sorts- students and educators. Constance and her co-founders are in the process of launching their first app, TheMasteryBook.com, as the tool on the ground for teachers to implement a standards-based or mastery-based grading paradigm. 

Mastery Portfolio isn’t Constance’s first foray into entrepreneurship; she founded and operates the successful tutoring company Ivy Tutor Connection, LLC., which specializes in serving students with unique academic profiles through a holistic whole-child approach, providing services and tutoring relationships that grown with the child. 

Constance can be reached at constance@masteryportfolio.com 


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