As teachers and parents we have to make time to refill and reorganize our energy currents. Sometimes all we have are these moments in between. Take them for all they are worth. And take them all.

🧘🏻‍♀️ Last Sunday,  I had a 75 minute practice and was feeling mighty fine. It was one of those glorious fall days when you don’t even notice the temperature, because it is just right. I was soaking it all up and feeling so grateful and happy. Not five minutes later I was refereeing sister fights and managing mega 9-year old sass. I felt robbed of that feeling you get after a good practice and sit (The heavenly feeling). It made my cry to my husband, “I worked so hard to get back to neutral and it’s all thrown off now! All I had was that moment!” 💡 Ego said, “Oh.” Spirit giggled.

🦓 The next day,  I was out in the yard feeling so fine again. My friend and Board member Brenda, whom I interviewed in Season 1 of The Mindful Literacy Podcast, called to tell me her cancer has returned. Her doctor told her she has three months to live. It buckled me to my knees. As I sat there on my heels with my knees in the grass trying to ground myself, I heard her say, “The chemo is going to be nasty, but I’m going to do it, so I can have all extra the moments with my family. All I have is this moment.” When we got off the phone, I laid back in the grass, looking up at the tear-stained blue sky. Ego cried. Spirit wailed.

🙏🏻 What would I do without this practice? The point is not to be in nirvana all the time. The point is to live a human life full of emotion and ups and downs and in between. The practice helps me efficiently process change, grief, anger, anxiety, stress: The practice helps me process change, anticipation, memories, joy and love. Grateful for the teachers all around me, for the practice, and for this moment.

😭 ☮️❤️