Our Services

1:1 Literacy Tutoring

Whether your child needs extra instruction and practice to close gaps or if your child needs intensive dyslexia (“OG”) tutoring, our tutors have a laser-like focus on reading, writing, and spelling our written language from ages K-12.

Reading and Math Fluency Programs

Frequent and consistent tutoring is the key to fluency growth.

Cost effective 1:1 support for Elementary Students in Basic Math Fact Fluency and Oral Reading Fluency Remediation or Enrichment.

 Reading or Math curriculum is paired with Precision Teaching 

Mindful Literacy Practice - Parent Society

Professional Development

Elementary School Courses to help your children with a shift mindset of English being “trick” to it being complex, eloquent, and systematic.

Middle and High School Courses.
Choose between Math & Science Vocabulary or Writing and Spelling Workshop. 

Mindful Literacy Practice - Teacher Tribe Academy

Executive Functioning

Set short-term; medium-term; and long-term goals.
Develop organization skills and study habits.
Learn Self-regulation strategies
Mindful Literacy Practice - Mindful Literacy Teacher Tribe


SAT preparation course. 1:1 and Small Groups!