Did you know there are over 4,500 colleges/universities in the US? 

Did you know there are over 200 majors? 

College Planning Mistake #1: Starting with “Where do you want to go to College”? College is part of the journey, not the end goal. You can get really stuck in a place that will not get you to the career you were born to do. 

College Planning Mistake #2: 
A huge (expensive) mistake that a lot of people make is taking one line item out of their long list of interests, sliding into a major, and NOT understanding what that degree means to job searching later. 

College Planning Mistake #3: 
Asking, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”  Careers are constantly changing.  In order to understand what you want to be, you need to understand what all the choices are! 

Listen in as Megan takes an active roll in her college discovery process with Aaron Greene of IN the college Planning Experts.  
It is incredible to hear Aaron use the same process as in Episode 2, but get completely different results. 
And Megan’s work is just beginning… Such an exciting time for her.  Thanks @I am so honored to be learning next to you. 

Thank you for sharing a big part of yourself for this podcast.  I. have a feeling it will help and empower so many young people as they face the same decisions you are. 

You have an amazing gift with people and I know your journey will be full of love and laughter. 

Keep your eyes open and your spidey senses on! ;). 

Loving how IN takes the guess work and gut work out of the college planning process! 
Thanks Aaron!