Parents: This is a WOW episode. Even if you don’t have high school age kids yet, you KNOW you worry about what happens to your kid life after high school. You fight for them now, so they have choices later, right? The process of college planning can be really over whelming for both young adults and their parents.

It doesn’t have to be.

Listen in as Aaron Greene of IN College Planning Experts leads a high school freshman to start the journey of finding his place in higher education and most importantly, finding his place in the world that align with his own passions and strengths. For this freshman, he walked away with actionable items that he can further research and pursue more experience in, between now and when it is time to start applying for college so that he can choose the right college for his goals in life.

“Know thyself”

“Know thy world around you.”

“What do you want to affect?”

-Aaron Greene

How do Videos Games and Choosing College go together?

Mitchel walked in thinking that someday he may like to become a physician, and walked out with a handful of other new ideas that would appeal to his personality.

Listen as Aaron Green of IN College Planning Experts uses gaming to tap into a students strengths and help him narrow down what fields would likely lead him to become a happy, independent, adult in a career that he loves waking up for everyday!