If you are like me, you continue to wonder: 

1) What will school look like? 

2) How will we manage?

3) What effect will all of this have on my child/children/students? 

It is okay to not have the answers. It is okay if not having answers makes you feel uncomfortable. 

As humans we don’t particularly embrace change.  We also aren’t exactly the best at being in limbo. 

So.  What do we know? 

We know that regardless, we are in for the long haul of changes and unknowns!  

And we know that as parents, by necessity, we need to take on more responsibility for our children’s education (as well as spin all the other plates of responsibility needed to feed, clothe, and shelter said children). 

So.  What can we do? 

We as parents can dig in and start learning about teaching so that we can support our children on their own learning journeys.  

We as teachers, can support parents on this teaching journey. 

We can fear and resist this change, or we can embrace it as an opportunity, that may end up making our kids BETTER than okay in the long run. 

And there is NO possible way that we are going to be able to do it alone. 

We need a supportive community to get through this.  And I personally, am so glad that you are part of the Mindful Literacy Community! 

The past two weeks, I offered two trainings about reading instruction to parents and teachers.  Two strategies that teachers can use in the classroom and virtually to help struggling readers and that parents can also do at home. 

If you would like to watch the recordings of these trainings, the links are below.  I have also posted links to the PDFs that go along with the trainings (including the presentations). 

So turn on your printer, grab a three ring binder, put on your noise canceling headphones and get ready to take notes and be inspired. 

Parents:  You can do this.  It is SO hard.  Seemingly impossible even.  You aren’t a teacher.  But with the support of this community, you will become better equipped to help your child learn to the best of his/her ability.  

Teachers:  You are passionate about teaching children.  The situation is NOT ideal.  Recognize that you are also teachers of other adults in your life–colleagues and parents and administrators.  You can DO this.  Keep things simple and consistent. Keep the well-being of the family unit at the heart of all you are doing. Keep learning. 

Please share the Mindful Literacy Resources to all those who are seeking support.  Our facebook page is a great place to start!  Make sure to like and follow Mindful Literacy Practice so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to be inspired!