Mindful.Literacy.Columbus is a 501C3 dedicated to raising funds to provide scholarships to children with high quality 1:1 reading tutoring. 


If 20% of children have dyslexia, how can 85% of children in juvenile detention be illiterate?

If 14% of our population is Black, why are 45% of boys and 35% of girls in detention centers Black?

The data are clear: Reading is a social justice issue.


Do you believe all children have the right to live up to their potential?

Do you believe knowledge is freedom?

If you answered “YES!” to either of those questions, please make sure to follow our progress, consider volunteering, and/or donating to Mindful.Literacy.Columbus, a non-profit that was created in 2019 to provide scholarships to children with documented challenges with reading development and connect them with high-quality reading tutors.


Sponsoring a child’s private literacy tutoring for a year is $5,600.

Full-sponsorship scholarships can be named by the donor.

Donations can be made in any amount

Consider selecting Mindful.Litearcy.Columbus for your United Way campaign.

Students will receive a full scholarship for tutoring.

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If you would like to pledge a donation to fully or partially sponsor a child’s private literacy tutoring, please fill out the form below.

Apply for Scholarship

There is nothing that improves a child’s reading development and confidence more than working with a highly qualified and experienced 1:1 literacy tutor.

If your child is the recipient of a Mindful. Literacy.Columbus scholarship, here is what you can expect:

  • Matching with a highly qualified tutor
  • 75 tutoring sessions (between 56-75 hours total)
  • No bill
  • Applicant must either have an IEP with reading goals and/or a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan.

We are currently taking applications for year-round scholarships on a rolling basis.

Black, Indigenous, and Students of color encouraged to apply.


There is nothing more rewarding than being on the journey of literacy with a student who needs an individualized and unique approach.

Our tutors come in at various levels of training. We train tutors starting in college and support their professional development through the highest level of literacy training.

Mindful Literacy supports tutors who have a strong foundational knowledge of direct, explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory approach to teaching literacy


who are working to complete at least 10 hours of study in the areas of English Orthography, Etymology, and/or Structured Word Inquiry.

If you are interested in exploring the opportunity to tutor with Mindful Literacy,  please fill out the form below.