MLP History

Hi there! I am so glad you found your way to Mindful Literacy Practice!  I started teaching in 2005 and started Mindful Literacy Practice when I was tutoring in the summer of 2019. At the time, Mindful Literacy was just me, and I was still working as an intervention specialist in Bexley City Schools. 

I have taught in a large urban district; a state run school for the Deaf; and a small high performing suburban district.  I have conducted research in a large urban district and charter schools.  I have experienced being a parent in a local Montessori school and in a renowned all girls independent school. 

Through a role with Battelle for Kids, I had the opportunity to author and lead trainings for teachers and districts all over Ohio on behalf of The Ohio Department of Education,  as well as coach teachers on formative instructional practices in a variety of rural districts. 

I am a published researcher in half a dozen peer-reviewed journals and am an experienced presenter. I have been consulting with school districts, student advocates, and attorneys since I left public teaching in 2020. 

In all of these professional and personal contexts, one thing has always been abundantly clear:  We all want our children to reach their maximum potential. And it truly takes a village to ensure that our children not only reach their goals, but also, enjoy the journey. 

Mindful Literacy Practice is now a thriving, diverse community of high performing teachers,
who come to us by referral only.  We hope you choose us to become part of your village.  

We look forward to talking with you soon. 


Dr. Bennett