Math Tutoring

There are two options for your math tutoring needs: Our signature Mental Math Fluency Program and traditional student-led  tutoring

1.Mental Math Fluency Program

(Grades 3-7)

Our virtual mental math fluency program was meticulously designed by Dr. Sulaimon to improve your child’s procedural fluency and deepen their conceptual understanding of mathematics. Through clear, explicit instruction, we focus on developing a solid and comprehensive foundation in math. 

This tailored approach ensures your child not only learns effectively but also gains a lasting and robust grasp of mathematical concepts. Let us help your child excel in math with our dedicated one-on-one virtual tutoring sessions.

This program is for your child if he/she:

Struggles with word problems and real world problems

Calculates at a slower than expected rate as measured by facts correct per minute.


Counts on their fingers or uses another strategy to figure out basic facts

Frequently makes fact errors on word problems

Seeks Enrichment

Grades 3-7 (Students must have at least 1 semester of 2nd grade completed before beginning)

Tutors place mathematicians at appropriate level and set benchmark goals based on current performance and recommended grade level goals.



Increased fluency on basic operations


Increased ability to quickly and accurately solve real world problems mentally


Increased Confidence


Improved Growth-MindSet

We absolutely love Tolu! Amazing person and wonderful teacher.


“We had our son’s ETR meeting yesterday with the district. He has closed the gap on his peers and is transitioning from an IEP to a 504-plan next month. I did want to share what my boy told the school psychologist during the student interview.

‘____ reports that his favorite class is math because he enjoys the practice with his tutor.’

He really enjoys your weekly sessions together. He never complains about missing playdates or practicing sports to see you [Dr. Sulaimon]. You have really built up his school confidence and enjoyment of math. Thank you so much for making time on your calendar for him. We look forward to finishing the school year together. Please keep us posted if you will be offering any support this summer. If not, we hope to coordinate with you for 3rd grade.”


2. Traditional Math Tutoring

(Grades 6-12)

Our traditional math tutoring can be done 1:1 or in small groups and are student-led (meaning students come prepared to get help with their homework and study for quizzes/tests).   For kids in Grades 6-12 who need math support or enrichment, our Ph.D. level math tutors are at the top of their field- whether in STEAM education, Chemical Engineering, or special education. They are adept and will help your child find joy and confidence in their school coursework be it Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus. Our Math tutors have a track record for  making math content accessible and they know how to make kids feel confident.  

Executive Functioning strategies are embedded into every student-led session. Our tutors coach teens how to organize, make a plan, focus, and get it done with excellence.  

Our 9th grade son has had the best experience and benefits from Kara. Kara is not only smarter than all of us put together, he is also able to TEACH our son. Kara is an incredible talent and our son can say his good grades and understanding of the subjects they work on are invaluable!


Things are going great! Our daughter LOVES Tolu and looks forward to each session. He has inspired a new found confidence in her abilities as they relate to math in general and an eagerness to learn more. 


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