In Episode 4, I interview Diana Pryor. Diana is about to begin her 30th + year of teaching. Our conversation centered around the topic of an enriched classroom experience. Learning experiences within a supportive environment in which students are encouraged to cultivate individual interests, learning through various modalities and develop a toolbox of thoughtful and effective academic, social and emotional strategies. Diana emphasizes the importance of empowering students to develop their personal strengths. And Letting an experiential mindset foster growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Get ready to get inspired with Diana Pryor!


“Learning Through Experience”

When you are starting your 30th year of teaching, what are your professional development goals? How do you keep students engaged?  How do you keep learning as the teacher and continue to hone your craft?  Diana Pryor is one of the most joyful teachers I have had the privilege to work with.  You would never guess she has been at it over 30 years. She is energetic, passionate, engaged, and constantly growing her practice.  She is the kind of teacher you want your kids to be in class with, and the kind of colleague you want to have on your team. My only regret with this podcast recording is that you can’t see the twinkle in her eye when she talks about her students and her service to her school community.  Diana stays on top of tech trends in the classroom and if you want to connect with her you can email her here: ddpryor919@gmail.com 

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