Episode Summary

DeLayna Green has been teaching for Columbus City Schools as a Special Education Teacher for the past 6.5 years. Delayna is also the founder of Layna’s Learning Circle, a private tutoring company for elementary students where she also makes and sells some really amazing learning boards. She attended Kentucky State University for undergrad, where she received her B.A. in elementary education and The Ohio State University for grad school where she received her M.A. in Special Education. It is at OSU that I met DeLayna, where we worked together as part of a larger team on a federally funded, intervention-based research project. It was so delightful to catch up with DeLayna this week! She shares some of the silver linings of teaching during the era of covid, and also is honest about what has been really hard. She offers teachers tips on how to lift students up and meet them where they are.

Episode Notes

For more information about DeLayna’s private tutoring company, visit: Laynaslearningcircle.com

Or find her on instagram: @laynaslearningcircle