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Literacy and Academic Tutoring 

School Year and Summer Tutoring

In-person or virtual hours available. 

Choose from 3 Structured Literacy Approaches:


For kids PreK-Grade 2 who are working on phonemic awareness and phonics skills, OG Certified with the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education, teacher Naomi Zwelling, loves working magic with this age group. (Book a call below to schedule with Naomi)


For kids in Grades 2-4 who are below benchmark in reading, the traditional “Orton Gillingham” style teaching method packaged in the empirically researched Take Flight curriculum used by Certified Academic Language Practitioner, Brooke Denby.    (Book a call below to schedule with Brooke)

For kids in Grades K-5  who are working on phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, and/or writing a direct, systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory approach is used by the science of reading experts, Christina Rouse-Billman and Mary Trask.  (Book a call below to schedule with Christina or Mary). 

For kids in Grades 6-12  who are working on morphology, vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, and/or writing a direct, systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory approach is used by professor emeritus Martha Michael.  (Book a call below to schedule with Martha)

For kids in Grades 4-12  who are reading, but are working on their spelling and writing, a blend of advanced “OG”,  Structured Word Inquiry, and the science of Linguistics approach is used by Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioner and Educator (and founder of Mindful Literacy Practice), Jessica Bennett.  (Book a call below to Jessica’s waitlist)


Students participate 30, 45, or 60 minute long sessions for either two,  three, or four days a week.


Availability is limited and requires advance commitment for each semester.


Rate is $125/hour; flat fee fixed and split for small group depending on size (2-4 students)


On-line tutoring may be available on a case-by-case basis. Brooke is not able to do virtual. 


Sessions take place at IN the College Planning Experts in Bexley, unless otherwise noted. 

Other Tutoring Options:

For kids in Grades 3-8 who need math support or enrichment, Special Education Doctoral Candidates Tolu Sulaimon is one of our expert Math Teachers. From his individually curated real-world math fluency curriculum to helping high schoolers with Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus, Tolu knows how to make math content accessible and knows how to make kids feel confident.  Tolu is also a really great reading teacher as well- he has experience running the OSU and Otterbein reading clinics and his dissertation is on teaching kids how to comprehend and solve math word problems!  (Book a call to schedule with Tolu’s.)

For kids in Grades 6-12 who need math/science support or enrichment, Chemical Engineering Doctoral Candidates Uforma Kara is one of our expert Math and Science Teachers. Kara loves making science and math accessible to all and is also a talented executive functioning coach! Kara does an amazing job at coaching teens how to organize, make a plan, focus, and get it done with excellence. Executive Functioning strategies are embedded into every student-led session.    (Book a call below to join Kara’s study tables.)


For kids in Grades K-5 who need any kid of academic support or enrichment, Diana, DeLayna, Angela, Brian, Whitney, and Kristina all practice the importance of building relationships and self-esteem with their students. Their positivity radiates in everything they do. from expert reading instruction to our Mindful Literacy Mental Math Fluency program, these elementary teachers are top notch. (Book a call below to schedule with one of these amazing teachers.)

For kids in Grades 3-7  who need math remediation or enrichment seasoned math teacher Dalrena Roberts is also a math coach for Columbus City School teachers. She has 20+years worth of tools and strategies in her teaching toolkit that she loves sharing with kids.  (Book a call below to schedule with Dalrena.)

For kids K-12 who have more complex profiles, such as multiple, and/or moderate to severe disabilities, Patrick uses direct, systematic and explicit instruction combined with precision teaching to ensure success for ALL neurodiverse learners. He is also a really good teacher trainer. Patrick’s availability is limited. (Book a call below to schedule with Patrick.)


Students participate 30, 45, or 60 minute long sessions for either one or two days a week.


Study groups are 60-90 minutes long. 


Availability is limited and requires advance commitment for each semester.


 Hourly rate for  1:1 ranges between $100-$125/hour

Flat fee fixed and split for small group depending on size (2-4 students).


Sessions take place at IN the College Planning Experts in Bexley unless otherwise noted. On-line tutoring may be available on a case-by-case basis.

School Year Term

Labor Day- Memorial Day 

Email us to inquire about availability and to set up a discovery call.

Our Approach



In addition to using methods rooted in science-based reading research, such as Orton-Gillingham based approaches, I have found it necessary to artfully weave several other evidence-based methodologies together in order to perpetuate curiosity, actually master the language,  and instill a love of reading, spelling, and writing in my students which include: The Science of Linguistics and Structured Word Inquiry (I am currently studying with Gina Cooke and Michel of Real Spelling). I also have a strong professional learning community that I am engaged with both locally and on-line. 

With that being said, I learn alongside my students and fellow tutors everyday and it is so much fun! 

-Dr. Bennett

 Collective Credentials:

Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioner and Educator, Associate

Academic Language Therapy Association, Certified Academic Language Practitioner

500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Dr. Bennett is a licensed special education teacher who specializes in reading instruction
for children with Dyslexia, ADHD,  and D/deafness.

"Our son William  is getting support from Dr. Bennett in a 2:1 group. William is really benefiting from in person instruction and intense OG. School has been very challenging for him virtually and since he has been seeing Dr. Bennett, he is building his confidence and feeling success in his studies.  He said, “I have so much fun in Dr. Bennett’s space and the time goes so fast. I also love doing it with a friend.”

Elizabeth O.

"Avery has been receiving both 1:1 and 2:1 tutoring. I'm seeing the early 'sprouts' of growth in her reading aptitude -- just the other day, she asked to stay up a few extra minutes to read on her own! This never happened before; even seeing her reach for and hold the book herself is a huge leap forward. And her writing -- spelling and legibility -- have both grown leaps and bounds after just a couple of months of tutoring. These early signs give me a lot of optimism for her growth trajectory."

Tracie S.

"Meeting Dr. Bennett has been a truly positive experience for our family. She has been able to proactively decode our child's reading skills and challenges, while helping us understand the process. The tutoring sessions have helped spark our young reader's curiosity which we trust will help her develop lifelong learning strategies."

Magali M.

"My daughter loved her summer tutoring with Dr. Bennett. Dr. B made summer learning fun and not feel like school. She incorporated my daughter’s interests and likes into what she was learning. We would definitely recommend Dr B. to anyone considering extra help!"

Stacy L.

"I can't say enough good things about this! The passion, commitment, and empathetic approach to meet your reader where they are, and push them to excel is so rewarding to see! I am thrilled to say in one brief summer, I see a more inspired, confident reader, happy to take on the next steps! Thanks so much for all you do."

Michelle I.

"Dr. Bennett is truly one of a kind. Her expertise is incredible and her patience and warm nature worked so well for my child. I can't say enough good things."

Emily K.

"Dr. Bennett is just the most wonderful teacher ever! Wyatt LOVED getting to work with her over the summer (and of course at school too). He enjoyed dissecting a word and really learning where the word originated from. He shared the information he learned with our whole family. I think that Dr. Bennett has such a creative way on engaging students in learning and to get them to think outside of the box. She is a such a gift to my son!!! I am so grateful that Wyatt got the opportunity to continue his work with you over the summer. I can’t thank you enough!"

Cate S.

"I am always impressed by Dr. Bennett. She goes the extra mile to engage and connect with her students. Dr. Bennett takes the time to understand my son’s interests, gather research materials and lays out well-planned projects so my son can actively work on his reading, writing and research skills while gaining a deeper appreciation for the topics he loves! I am also grateful for the parent engagement and support along the way. Dr. Bennett is an integral partner in helping to support my son’s development and growth."

Shana L.

"Having to read is one of Emerson's least favorite activities, but she is always so excited to see Ms. Taylor! They have been reading short stories together, which has kept Emerson engaged and excited to go to tutoring. Ms. Taylor also does a great job building rapport with Emerson, so she feels safe to make mistakes and grow as a reader and learner. We are thrilled that Ms Taylor is part of Emerson’s literacy journey. We appreciate the ease of scheduling, flexible payment options and knowing that this group of professionals was hand-selected to make a difference in our daughter’s life."

Ashlie K.