In Person

Tired of juggling distance learning?  

Want your kids to get out of the house? 

Need your kids to socialize safely? 

Think your kids need more individualized attention for distance learning? 

Believe school should be about learning to love learning, not learning to get work done?

Distance Learning Pod

Join an already formed pod in the home of a licensed teacher. You tell us when you need us, and just show up. We handle the rest. Pods max out at 6 students. 

In-Home Tutor Match Service

We help you match with education majors or college graduates with the right experience and they handle distance learning at your house. You set up the schedule and pay tutors directly.  We provide the tutors and families with support, training, and coaching as needed. Maximum flexibility.

Literacy Tutoring

Whether your child needs extra instruction and practice to close gaps or if your child needs intensive dyslexia (“OG”) tutoring, our tutors have a laser-like focus on reading, writing, and spelling our written language from ages K-12.  Our team has a vast range of credentials and experiences but we all have one thing in common:  A thirst to practice, grow, and learn with your child and with each other.