Episode 12 is an interview with Principal Farrell Thomas. Farrell is the only person in Season 1 who I don’t know well. In fact, I have never met him in person. Farrell popped up in my Linked In feed because my guest in Episode 1, Jim Mahoney knew Farrell and had left a note of congratulations on Farreell’s feed about his newly appointed principalship. I really don’t get how social media works like this, but the picture of a large, tall, beautifully dressed, and light-shining black man behind a principal’s desk was cause for me to pause my scroll. Especially during the height of the Black Lives Matter Movement that reignited this summer. Then I listened to his podcast: Heart and Soul of Education. And I knew I had to talk to this man. My research at Ohio State and a large part of my career was learning how to best serve black students; most of whom were living in poverty. The Black Lives Matter movement is about lifting people up: Out of repression, oppression, suppression. In my opinion, literacy plays a HUGE part in that. And I want Mindful Literacy to play a huge part in our cultural evolution and a part in raising our collective consciousness. So not only does this episode come full circle with Jim having unconsciously introduced me to Farrell, but it comes full circle with the evidence that with support, encouragement, and collective belief that change is possible comes massive transformation. With that Farrell and I give you “From Bus Driver to Principal”.


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