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Academic Tutoring Options:

For kids in Grades K-12 who need math support or enrichment, We have three Ph.D. level expert Math Teachers. From Tolu’s individually curated real-world math fluency curriculum to Kara and Easy helping high schoolers with Algebra, Geometry, or Calculus, Tolu, Kara, and Easy know how to make math content accessible and knows how to make kids feel confident.   (Book a call to schedule with a math tutor.)

For kids in Grades 6-12 who need science support or enrichment, Chemical Engineering Doctoral student Uforma Kara and Isiaka Bursuri are our expert Math and Science Teachers. Kara and Easy love making science and math accessible to all and both are also a talented executive functioning coaches! These men do an amazing job at coaching teens how to organize, make a plan, focus, and get it done with excellence. Executive Functioning strategies are embedded into every student-led session.    (Book a call below to join STEM study tables.)


For kids in Grades K-8 who need any kid of academic support or enrichment, Diana, DeLayna, Brian, Ann, and Martha all practice the importance of building relationships and self-esteem with their students. Their positivity radiates in everything they do. These elementary teachers are top notch. (Book a call below to schedule with one of these amazing teachers.)

For kids K-12 who have more complex profiles, such as multiple, and/or moderate to severe disabilities, Patrick uses direct, systematic and explicit instruction combined with precision teaching to ensure success for ALL neurodiverse learners. He is also a really good teacher trainer. Patrick’s availability is limited (summer’s only). (Book a call below to schedule with Patrick.)


Students participate 30, 45, or 60 minute long sessions for either one or two days a week.


Study groups are 60-90 minutes long. 


Availability is limited and requires advance commitment for each semester.


 Hourly rate for  1:1 ranges between $100-$125/hour

Flat fee fixed and split for small group depending on size (2-4 students).


Sessions take place at IN the College Planning Experts in Bexley unless otherwise noted. On-line tutoring may be available on a case-by-case basis.

Fluency training with Mr. Brian has made such an incredible impact on Rowan’s reading abilities in such a short time. He was woefully behind other students in his class, and within a few short months, he’s reading at grade-level. The short tutoring sessions have not only helped Rowan get to where he needs to be academically, but this progress has also changed Rowan’s self-esteem. He’s so proud of his progress and it shows in all aspects of his life at home and at school.


Mental Math  Fluency Program


This program is for your child if he/she:

  • Struggles with word problems and real world problems
  • At a slower than expected rate as measured by facts correct per minute.
  • Counts on their fingers or uses another strategy to figure out basic facts
  • Frequently makes fact errors on word problems
  • Seeks Enrichment


  • Grades 3-7 (Students must have at least 1 semester of 2nd grade completed before beginning).
  • Tutors place mathematicians at appropriate level and set benchmark goals based on current performance and recommended grade level goals.


Students frequently master an operation with appropriate fluency within 6 months

Increased accuracy on story problems.

Increased Confidence

Improved Growth-MindSet