Where does the tutoring take place

Our offices are on Broad Street in downtown Columbus and on Riverside Drive in Upper Arlington.We also can tutor at local libraries and when given permission, inside of your child’s school. We also offer virtual tutoring! 

What are the hours of operations?

We schedule our sessions based on your child’s needs in conjunction with the flexibility of the tutor. 

What is an example of an Executive functioning lesson?

Executive functioning lessons are highly personalized and student-led. In the initial session, students identify their strengths and challenges, set long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals, and learn about meta-cognition and executive functioning. By the end of the first session, students typically focus on one aspect of executive functioning to work on (organization, getting started, time management, etc.). Subsequent sessions incorporate tailored tools and strategies within the context of real-life and school scenarios. Coaches regularly check in on the effectiveness of strategies and provide positive reinforcement while gently encouraging progress.

What is the age range of the students we serve?

We service students from Pre-K through 12th Grade.

Do we do any screening assessments?

Yes, we do diagnostic reading, writing, and spelling assessments. We also can do diagnostic math assessments.

What scholarships do we offer?

We are currently providers for the Jon Peterson and Autism Scholarships.

How long does it take to get matched with a tutor?

Within a week or two.

What if the first tutor isn’t the right match?

That is ok! It happens! As the Director of Operations it is my job to help you and your family find the best fit. If your first tutor isn’t a good fit for you family you can always email me and we can find you a new tutor to work with. Strong communication is our super power!

What kinds of services do we offer?

  • Structured Literacy
  • Structured Literacy Tutoring
  • Math Tutoring
  • Executive Functioning
  • College Prep
  • ETR/IEP Consultation

How much does tutoring cost?

Direct pay for families or school districts: 

  • Tutoring $125/hour
  • SLP/OT $150/hour

For ODE Scholarships, we must build in the required overhead costs into our hourly rate: 

  • Tutoring $150/hour
  • SLP/OT $175/hour

Time can be prorated in increments of 30 or 45 minutes

For small groups (2-4) students, an additional $25/hour will be added to the base rate, then shared among the families.