Episode Summary

Julieann Ash, a Board Certified Educational Therapist has a conversation with Dr. Bennett about building a tool box of personal strategies for success and how to best advocate for your child.

Julieann Ash is a Board Certified Educational Therapist. She received her Master of Science degree from St. Cloud State University, mainly focusing on the areas of learning disabilities, behavioral/emotional disorders, and mild to moderate cognitive impairment; with a specialization in autism.

An educator with more than 45 years of experience in middle school, high school, special education, and educational therapy; Julieann’s primary focus is on helping individuals remove learning roadblocks and achieve their personal goals for success. 

Julieann provides one-on-one intensive instruction with individual clients to help them build a tool box of personal strategies for success. She also consults with other key individuals in the client’s life such as parents, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and teachers. Julieann provides training for parents to help them to successfully advocate for their children as well as helping students develop personal responsibility and self-advocacy skills. Once she helps her clients to identify their learning style, personal learning or social roadblocks; she assists them and their key support people in successfully addressing the social, emotional and neuro-biological factors that challenge them.

From elementary students to professionals, Julieann helps people of all ages function better in their environment. She provides clarification for why a person is having difficulty in the learning process and help with developing strategies or supports that enhance the individual’s productivity and learning capabilities. 

Find more of Julieann at her website http://metaoh.org/