Executive Functioning Coaching

Adolescent Study Skills:


Set short-term; medium-term; and long-term goals.

Develop organization skills and study habits.

Learn Self-regulation strategies



Initiating, organizing, planning skills taught within context of real school work. 


Academic specific tutoring embedded within program.


Small group study tables and 1:1 available


Rate is $125/hour; flat fee fixed and split for small group depending on size. 


On-line Sessions Available on a case-by Case Basis for College Students.

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Our Approach

Executive Functioning Skills 

Understanding how our brains work for us and against us is a mindfulness practice! Developing the skill sets needed to succeed in school and in life outside of school takes practice and sometimes, coaching from someone who is NOT Mom or Dad. 

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, Eastern Philosophy, and the latest brain-based executive functioning research, our goal is for your teenager to feel empowered, confident, and intrinsically motivated. 

Uforma Kara

Angela Smith

Jessica Bennett

If it weren’t for you I’d be in the corner crying. 

We were in crisis mode, the first call made me feel like there was hope, a chance for our child and we weren’t too late.  Dr. Bennett not only made us feel hope as parents, but more importantly showed our son that the mountain he’s been struggling to climb has a hidden trail.  As a parent I’ve struggled with his ADHD for years, listening to the surrounding “noise” associated with the diagnosis. Dr. Bennett has been able to quiet that noise and show us and Zach that his brain just has different, more creative needs that requires some guidance.