Thank you for being a champion for literacy. You can donate by choosing an option below! 

1. Become a Patron Member:


Membership dues are invested in funds that give directly back to kids in 2 ways:

  • Dues enable staff to grant write, fundraise, and build organizational awareness.
  • Patron Members are invited to contribute monthly to our publishing house, BHIVE Press. 

BHIVE Press, an imprint of Mindful Literacy Columbus:

  • Submit one book by kids/for kids to BHIVE Press per month (cost is normally $100/book).
  • Includes help with book layout
  • 1:1 final editing session
  • Marketing, sales, and logistics of the book. 
  • Receive the proof of the book for free (includes copyright and ISBN number).
  • Each published book that is sold gives back to MLC (50% goes to scholarships; 50% goes to authors)

2. Contribute directly to scholarship funds and provide a child with:


1:1 or small group private tutoring for 75 sessions a year.


Sessions are 45-60 minutes, twice a week for 37 weeks.

Donations can be made in any amount or you can choose a giving level below:

  • Patron Membership = $25/month
  • 1 Session= $75
  • 2 Sessions =$150
  • 16 sessions= $1,200
  • Partial Scholarship= $2,400
  • Full Scholarship=$5,625
Mindful Literacy Practice - Parent Society

Patron Membership

$25 per month

1 session

Donate 1 session for $75

Mindful Literacy Practice - Become a Tutor

2 sessions

Donate 2 session for $150

Mindful Literacy Practice - 1:1 Literacy Tutoring

16 sessions

Donate 16 sessions for $1,200.00

Mindful Literacy Practice - Learning Pods TUITION

Partial Scholarship

Donate a partial yearly scholarship for $2,400.00

Mindful Literacy Practice - Teacher Tribe Academy

Full Year Scholarship

Donate a partial yearly scholarship for $5,625.00

3. If you shop on Amazon: 

Please consider using and making Mindful Literacy Columbus one of your charities of choice. 

Once you are on the Amazon Smile website, go to the “supporting” drop bar below the search bar and find Mindful Literacy Columbus to select as your nonprofit of choice. Then, anytime you go to make a purchase with Amazon, make sure you do it through and Amazon will give us 0.5% of your purchase! 

It is that easy.  Please share this with your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Every dollar helps! 

Please go to now before you forget!  

And remember to bookmark/favorite the address to ONLY purchase through Amazon Smile OR  install the Amazon Smile app