Episode Summary

Dr. Jessica Bennett speaks with Board Certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, Maria Demosthenous, about the value of play with children.

Episode Notes

Maria Demosthenous, or “Dr. D” as she is known, is a Board Certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist.  Essentially, she is a doctor for thoughts and feelings.  She uses play, talking, and mindfulness to help children work through challenges. In this episode we talk about the importance of play. Our conversation was interrupted by my own children and they joined in on the conversation with Dr. D! In this episode, Dr. D. gives parents concrete steps in how to mindfully play with their children as a way to connect with them. Best of all, her advice is not new, is evidenced-based, and is free.  Our conversation has already shifted my thinking and shaped my own practices as a mother. I know it will help you, too.

You can contact Dr. D by emailing her at: maria@mariademosthenousdo.onmicrosoft.com