Executive Functioning Conference:

Practical Strategies for Maximum Growth

Release date: October
12, 2021 

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About the Event

Learn strategies for building “The Big Three”  executive functions in literacy, math, and social-emotional development.

Sessions will be organized into elementary, middle, and upper level strands in a workshop style so that you can walk away with tools, techniques, and deliverables to implement in your teaching practice immediately.

Keynote address by Julieann Ash, MS, BCET of META.


Join us for 1 day of adding tools to your toolbox








Julieann Ash

Julieann Ash, a Board Certified Educational Therapist has a conversation with Dr. Bennett about building a tool box of personal strategies for success and how to best advocate for your child.

Julieann Ash is a Board Certified Educational Therapist. She received her Master of Science degree from St. Cloud State University, mainly focusing on the areas of learning disabilities, behavioral/emotional disorders, and mild to moderate cognitive impairment; with a specialization in autism.

An educator with more than 45 years of experience in middle school, high school, special education, and educational therapy; Julieann’s primary focus is on helping individuals remove learning roadblocks and achieve their personal goals for success. 

Julieann provides one-on-one intensive instruction with individual clients to help them build a tool box of personal strategies for success. She also consults with other key individuals in the client’s life such as parents, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and teachers. Julieann provides training for parents to help them to successfully advocate for their children as well as helping students develop personal responsibility and self-advocacy skills. Once she helps her clients to identify their learning style, personal learning or social roadblocks; she assists them and their key support people in successfully addressing the social, emotional and neuro-biological factors that challenge them.

From elementary students to professionals, Julieann helps people of all ages function better in their environment. She provides clarification for why a person is having difficulty in the learning process and help with developing strategies or supports that enhance the individual’s productivity and learning capabilities. 



Keynote Description:

Won’t or Can’t —Seeing Learning Through the The lens of Executive Function

Knowledge of Executive Functioning is yet another tool to help parents and teachers quickly and efficiently recognize how their students learn.  

Learn how to recognize the impact of executive function at home and in the classroom as well as its role in learning.

You will learn how to identify three critical executive functions: initiation, planning, and organization of time and material.

Finally, you will acquire several easy-to-apply, effective strategies to use with their children or their own students.

Executive Functioning 


Gifted  E.F.





Debra Kay Logan

Debra Kay Logan

Gifted E.F.

Session title and description: 

Hiding in Plain Sight: Gifted Students and the Cloak of Invisibility

When you unwrap or uncloak gifted students, you often uncover patterns of specific and sometimes profound social, emotional, and academic needs along with some other surprises. While it just makes sense that every school day every child should feel safe and should have opportunities to learn, in Ohio, serving gifted students is optional and meeting their basic needs is often fought against with cries of elitism. Join this session to uncover basic information about gifted students that education classes typically fail to tell teachers about this underserved and frequently invisible group of students who need support. Also, together, we will look at some ways to help meet those needs and advocate for gifted students.

Presenter Biography:

Debra Kay Logan

Before retiring this past spring, Deb Logan was the gifted coordinator and the elementary makerspace teacher for Pleasant Local Schools. A veteran school librarian, Logan was previously the head of library services and a gifted intervention specialist in Mount Gilead Schools. She is also an OELMA Past President and a past Ohio School Librarian of the Year. 

Logan has chaired advocacy committees at the state and national levels and has extensive work experience on advocacy projects and committees, spanning over twenty years. Logan has written and spoken extensively on the subject of advocacy. 

In addition, Logan is an Ashland University adjunct, an MCESC PD presenter, an Essex intensive instructor, and a SENG Model Parent Group facilitator. A former national technology trainer, Logan is the author of professional books and articles as well as a professional speaker.

Dawn Friedman

Dawn Friedman

Lower School E.F.

Session Title and Description:

Worried to Distraction: The connection between anxiety and executive function in young children.

Is your child distracted, disorganized or struggling with planning and procrastination? 

Dawn is excited to bring you an engaging, insightful and strategy packed presentation.

Presenter Biography:

Dawn is the owner of Building Family Counseling which provides evaluation and treatment of children, adolescents and adults struggling with depression and anxiety and adjustment disorders. She designs and implements psychoeducational support groups for parents of anxious children.

Dawn has presented on the topics of parenting, adoptive children, and anxiety in children. She has presented at conferences such as the Ohio Counseling Association, the Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children and Voices for Ohio’s Children-Healthy Kids Conference.

Dawn is also a writer for publications such as Parenting, Wonder Time, Disney’s Family.com and Commonsense Media. Her books include Mothers of Intention: How Women and Social Media Are Revolutionizing Politics in America (Bright Sky Press), One Big Happy Family (Riverhead), Child Adoption: Issues and Perspectives (Icfai University Press).

Tim Louis

Tim Louis

7-12 E.F.

Tiny Steps to
Build Motivation and Tackle Procrastination.

Does your teen student often put off things to the last possible minute? Once your student hits
a snag, does he/she struggle with being able to work around the problem to be able to re- start


Presenter Biography:

Timothy Luis, Ph.D is the Executive Director of Orleans Psychological Services, Powell, OH. He
is also the Director of Counseling Services and an Adjunct Professor at Pontifical College
Josephinum, Columbus, OH. He has a long history of involvement with the evaluation and
treatment of adolescents and young adults with anxiety and executive functioning issues. A
graduate of Vanderbilt and Tulane Universities, Dr. Luis has practiced in both inpatient and
outpatient settings as well as providing specialized in-school services.
A veteran of several presentations for The Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies,
The Society of Clinical and Adolescent Psychology and the Society for Research in Adolescence,
Dr. Luis has also authored or co-authored several papers on the topic of how anxiety presents
among children of Mexican, Latin American and European-American backgrounds.



Elementary Math

Middle School Math

High School Math


Constance Borro

Constance Borro

Session Titles and Description:

Supporting Growth in Working Memory and Task Initiation in the Elementary School Math Classroom
Do you have students who tell you they are ‘confused’ in math class? Are you finding that it takes you several minutes to simply diagnose there they need clarity, and the number of hands that are popping up is increasing every minute? Attend this session to learn some techniques you can apply tomorrow to help your students build more autonomy, get themselves ‘unstuck,’ and free you up to facilitate learning more effectively.
Middle School: Practices to build the Mathematical Practice of Attending to Precision
Many students who struggle with executive functioning make “silly mistakes” that can be frustratingly persistent even when they flourish at learning complex, new material. This session will help teachers tease out the difference between “silly mistake” and “conceptual misunderstanding,” and prepare you to coach your class through “getting meta” and diagnosing their own misunderstandings so they can learn from them. By the end of the session, you will walk away with language, tools, and techniques to put your students in the driver’s seat as they begin to use mistakes as learning moments.
Using “Noticings and Wonderings” to access prior knowledge and catalyze task initiation in the High School Math Classroom
This simple yet powerful routine supports all learners and helps structure low-floor/high-ceiling tasks. Regardless of processing speed, learning style, language acquisition status, or comfort level participating, every student will be eager to jump into your most challenging tasks when you open them with this routine consistently. This routine will also pay dividends when your students take high-stakes testing or college admissions tests or solve any novel problem in any class. Walk away from this session ready to implement “Noticings and Wonderings” with your students tomorrow.


Presenter Biography:


Constance Borro is a veteran educator and educational support services provider. She earned a B.A. from Yale University in 2008 and her Masters in the Science of Education in Secondary Mathematics from City University of New York, Lehman College in 2010. Constance began her full time teaching career in New York City as a Teach for America Corps Member, and then served for five years as a Master Teaching Fellow with the prestigious professional organization Math for America. She most recently served as Mathematics Department Chair and Instructional Coach at Columbus School for Girls, her alma mater, before leaving her school-based work to built out her educational services businesses. Constance founded Ivy Tutor Connection, LLC., in 2015, a successful tutoring and educational support services company which specializes in serving students with unique academic profiles through a holistic whole-child approach. In this role, she consults with school-based interventionists to help craft IEP goals and articulate accommodations and modifications to support the students her tutors work with in Columbus, OH but also as far as Princeton, NJ. She currently works as co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mastery Portfolio, LLC, Mastery Portfolio, and EdTech and Educational Consulting company on a mission to inspire creativity and innovation by reimagining the assessment and feedback loop. 



Elementary Literacy

Middle Literacy

High School Literacy 

Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett


Staying focused on the written word: When Elementary Kids stall out and get stuck during oral reading. 


  • Using Oral reading fluency benchmarks as goal posts to help kids practice atttention training. 
  • How to give kids  immediate, visual feedback. 
  • The importance of relevant reading material.  

Comprehending how to Comprehend: Teaching Middle Schoolers how to be independent scholars.


  • Zoom out and explicitly teach kids to think about why we are being asked to read the material.
  • Teach them generalizable skills to independtly create a structure to take notes and organize their thoughts.


Structured Writing for High School: Stabbing the Standards, Not Stabbing in the Dark


  • Refine writing checklists and rubrics for the 3 basic genres of writing (narrative, informational, argumentative).
  • Learn how to use these rubrics to collect data and measure progress.
  • Practice using the tools looking at student work samples
  • Plan to teach students how to self-reflect and give peer feedback


Presenter Biography:


Jessica is the  Director of Mindful Literacy Columbus (501C3) and Principle of Mindful Literacy Practice (LLC). She specializes in teaching reading to children who have Dyslexia, ADHD, and D/deafness. She has taught in a large urban district; a state run school for the Deaf; and a small suburban district.  She has conducted research in a large urban district and charter schools.  Through a role with Battelle for Kids, she had the opportunity to author and lead trainings for teachers and districts all over Ohio on behalf of The Ohio Department of Education,  as well as coach teachers on formative instructional practices in a variety of rural districts. Dr. Bennett has been a consultant with a variety of school districts across Ohio and is a published researcher in half a dozen peer-reviewed journals and is an experienced presenter. 


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