Episode Summary

In this episode, Dr. Bennett speaks with Peg Hollenback, a reading practitioner, about the beauty of learning with perspective of our whole language.

Episode Notes

Peg Hollenback is a Reading Practitioner and owner of PegEd.  She has been practicing since 2005 with a commitment to providing the explanations, not exceptions of the English Language. Upon reflecting over the past 15+ years, Peg said, “I have been so fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with many brilliant students that have made me a better teacher.”  Dr. Bennett often refers to Peg as HER teacher and she is someone who has greatly influenced Dr. Bennett’s own scholarship and the scholarship she shares with her students.

Dr. Bennett and Peg speak about how far they have come in the understanding of language throughout their careers, and how rewarding it is to experience their students benefit from whole language learning.