Want to bring the magic of “Mindful Miru” to your school or event?

Author Jessica G. Bennett invites you to join her for an interactive author visit like no other! As a 500-hour registered yoga teacher and licensed special education teacher, Dr. Bennett has crafted an experience that combines the power of storytelling with multi-sensory social-emotional learning.

During your time together, Jessica will read aloud from “Mindful Miru,” engaging your children  in activities that enhance phonemic awareness, expand their vocabulary, and deepen comprehension. 

They will explore the themes of the book through art, music, and physical education, fostering creativity and movement. Further, she will  introduce your children to the graceful art of cursive writing, adding the science of reading and elegance to their learning journey.

Schools, teachers, and parents can purchase “Mindful Miru” at a special discounted rate of 10% off at the time of the visit.

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