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Jarrod Jones is a 7th Grade English teacher in St. Louis Missouri, who has spent the past 6 years writing his first novel under the pen name: Jaer Armstead-Jones.

His work is a young adult realistic-fiction about three teens (two of whom are African-American) who are growing up with little or no contact with their fathers.

Their triumphs and tribulations intertwine into teachable life lessons that leave even adult readers wanting more.

In his past Jarrod had a career in the music industry and he married both art forms in his creation of this project, giving his book a soundtrack.

Because of this unique creative process, it was necessary for him to begin his own publishing company, Jaer Media Group.

Listen in as we hear not only about Mr. Jones’ novel, his pen name, and his creative process, but also as we talk about his experiences as a teacher in juvenile detention centers and how working with African-American male youth has and always will be, at the heart of his teaching.

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Episode Notes

Jaer Media Group:  https://jaerarmsteadjones.com/ 

Instagram: @pen_of_a_skillful_writer

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