In Episode 9, I have a conversation with Brenda Louisin. Brenda is a Mindful Literacy Columbus Board Member. I met Brenda at an IEP meeting when I was an intervention specialist. Brenda was advocating for a child we both were serving. Through the years as we worked on multiple cases together, Brenda has taught me so much about how to facilitate true IEP partnerships between the school and families. In 2009 she led parents to evoke massive systemic changes in their school district in Upper Arlington, Ohio. The story of this change was recently released as a documentary in “Our Dyslexic Children.” She calls herself a Child Advocate, but I call her an Advocate for All. She is bright, gracious, and so kind. A former Intervention Specialist herself, she truly understands not only the content and theory, but also, the praxis of being a teacher. In this Episode Brenda challenges us all to push beyond what is “appropriate” and strive together to achieve what is best for all children. She gives so many practical tips for IEP teams in this episode. If you are part of an IEP team in any capacity, you will want to pull over the car, put down the laundry and grab a notebook for this one.


Watch Our Dyslexic Children Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ7xa6meD2Q

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