In Episode 10, I talk with Dr. Wendy Naumann on the topic of ADHD and Emotional Regulation. Wendy is a Mindful Literacy Columbus Board Member. Dr. Wendy is a school psychologist who has a private practice in Columbus, Ohio. She is one of the best at delivering comprehensive educational evaluations and peeling back the layers of how a particular child’s brain is working. Dr. Wendy does such an amazing job at explaining a particular diagnosis to parents and teachers, explaining what the data means, and explaining how to use the child’s profile data to inform instruction. She does this with a high level of emotional intelligence and high with vibrating communication. In this Episode Dr. Wendy outlines and explains a 5 step process that parents and teachers can take to uplift the emotional regulation for kids with ADHD. She gives us several resources to further our own learning. I was so intrigued by our conversation and I hope this sparks some movement for you as well!


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