Who for:  Teaching is not just what you do:  It is your vocation.  It is your life’s work. It is not for the faint of heart.  And if you are going to make it to retirement, you are going to need a tribe of teachers standing with you. Why listen: This podcast will provide you with the inspiration, encouragement, stories, tips, tools, and the mindset you need to be at your best to serve your students. Who am I: I am Jessica Bennett, an intervention specialist who has a passion for literacy development, special education, and mindfulness techniques. I have my Ph.D. in special education, degrees in deaf education and psychology and I am a 500 hour registered yoga teacher who focuses on contemplative practices and mindfulness techniques both on and off the yoga mat. What to except: Season 1 will include interviews with the people who shaped the educator and person I am today.  I have had the opportunity to work with BRILLIANT educators from urban public schools, a state run school for the deaf, a federally funded research grants at The Ohio State University, a specialist with Battelle for Kids, a high-performing suburban school, and now, my own private practice: Mindful Literary Practice, where I provide highly specialized tutoring services for children with Dyslexia as well as online parent and teacher courses and coaching services. The reason behind creating this podcast is to build awareness for our non-profit: Mindful Literacy Columbus, whose mission is to cultivate literacy and mindfulness practices with children, their families, and their teachers: Values: Compassion Community Curiosity Empowerment Justice Our Vision is to nurture an insatiable curiosity in our written language and our world by creating positive learning experiences for our children,  nurturing their self-perceptions as learners, and providing the adults in their lives with high-quality professional development