Episode Summary

So much of what we do as teachers is learning to pivot, thinking on our feet, and adapting to student needs. Listen in as Jen Jones of Hello Literacy suggests 3 perspective and practice shifts that anticipate student needs and could collectively have a mega impact on student success this coming school year! We’d love to hear from you: Which practice resonates most with you?

Episode Notes

The mission of Mindful Literacy Columbus  is to provide 1:1 and small group literacy tutoring to children with dyslexia or who are at risk-for reading failure.

It is our vision to create a center where children can have access to high-quality, affordable tutoring no matter what. In our mind’s eye, this center would also be a place where adults can study our language together and where parents can find support. 

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Executive Functioning Conference: Practical Strategies for Maximum Growth 

In person in Columbus, OH and virtual: October 12, 2021

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