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Sat Nam!

If you share the belief that all children have a right to be healthy, happy and learn with ease, you are in the right place.

If you are curious and passionate about literacy education (especially for kids who have Dyslexia!), you are in good company here.

If you are interested in learning about meditation and mindfulness practices to help ground you and our little people, welcome!

The mission at Mindful Literacy Practice is to build a strong learning community that cultivates literacy and mindfulness practices with children, their families, and their teachers. 

Mindful Literacy Practice is a place where we come together in community to gain knowledge, tools, and mindset; to collect tools and strategies; and to tune into our selves, each other, and our world with intention so that we can get the best outcomes for our children who have learning differences.

All facets of literacy and mindfulness are attainable for us all: We just need to practice having growth-mindset, grit, and open minds and hearts that are full.

Thank you for being here. I hope we can connect and start growing together soon!

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Literacy Tutoring

Whether your child needs extra instruction and practice to close gaps or if your child needs intensive dyslexia (“OG”) tutoring, our tutors have a laser-like focus on reading, writing, and spelling our written language from ages K-12.

Reading and Math Fluency Programs

Frequent and consistent tutoring is the key to fluency growth.

Cost effective 1:1 support for Elementary Students in Basic Math Fact Fluency and Oral Reading Fluency Remediation or Enrichment.

 Reading or Math curriculum is paired with Precision Teaching 

My child has 1:1 services with Dr. Bennett. My child was really struggling with reading. He is incredibly bright, but just did not get this “reading thing”. We started seeing Dr. Bennett via zoom because of COVID-19. She has made a huge difference in his life. She focuses on making the work fun. She teaches him, not to memorize the tricky words, but to understand the history and where the word comes from so he understands the rules. She has helped him develop his confidence in reading. He even reads and writes for fun now! In addition, she has trained us, his parents, how to help support his reading and writing. Dr. Bennett is an amazing teacher who seems to love what she does. Dr. Bennett has become a valued part of our son’s, and our community. We are grateful that we were connected with Dr. Bennett to help set such an important foundation, the love of reading and writing, that will stay with him for his entire life.

Lorraine van Dommelen

Our Partners

the podcast

Mindful Literacy Podcast

This podcast will provide you with the inspiration, encouragement, stories, tips, tools, and the mindset you need to be at your best to serve your students. 

Technology and (pre)Teens

Dr. Bennett sits with her spiritual teacher and author Sue Hunt to unpack the complexities of parenting teens in the age of technology. Drawing from her personal and current challenges with navigating this space with her own family, Dr. Bennett is able to ask Sue...

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When you Feel Like Quitting Teaching

Dr. Bennett interviews former colleague Bill Manchester, author of "When You Feel Like Quitting Teaching, Read This Book." Listen to this if you are a first year teacher, veteran teacher, or a teacher who is thinking about going back to the classroom! CODE for 20% off...

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Preventing Summer Brain Drain

Dr. Bennett and Kristin Gigliotti from Hand 2 Mind discuss practical tips (parents, you will LOVE these!) on how to support your student(s) through the summer to prevent summer "brain drain." Following 16 years as a Reading Specialist in a school near Pittsburgh, PA,...

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